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Chase Travel Partners | Your Own Ultimate Rewards made by the Chase Sapphire cards might be moved to eight different air line spouses. These things can be moved no matter if you get them with the Chase Sapphire Preferred or the Chase Sapphire Reserve Airline Partners. Just don’t forget that Ultimate Rewards got by the Freedom and Freedom Unlimited cannot be moved to those air companies unless you’ve got a Sapphire card. Following is a peek at different Ultimate Benefits / Chase Sapphire airline partners and also just how to optimize things with each one of these.

Chase Travel Partners

Which Exactly Are The Listing of Chase Travel Partners?

Here’s the full list of Chase Airline Partners (observe you could also move your Ultimate Rewards made with all the Ink Preferred or even Ink Plus to those spouses ). Because you can tellthey all move at a 1:1 ratio and virtually most them move immediately.

So now you understand everything of the Sapphire airline spouses (or even Chase Ultimate Rewards Airline Partners) are let us look at what each partner offers with regard to redemptions.

Flying Blue Provides A Few Pretty Fantastic Sweet?

Included in these are:

Dealing with Europe

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Round-trip in company course to Europe to get 125,000 kilometers and just $164 altogether prices and $118 in market.

Delta costs $164 Altogether prices

Delta costs roughly $120 in complete Prices for market reservations

Dealing with TelAviv

Round-trip from the United States into Tel Aviv To get just 50,000 miles round trip and $240 in prices is just another slip.

Becoming to Mexico and a few Caribbean destinations

Round Trip into Mexico and Netherlands Antilles (Aruba, Bonaire, etc.) along with also the U.S. Virgin Islands are also some fantastic redemptions. I have no idea of any additional app that bumps each these states and lands together but this really is just another pleasant spot as it’s going to only set you back 25,000 miles for a roundtrip.

Becoming to Hawaii

Dealing with Hawaii through Flying Blue Is very economical too. Here is just how economical a round-trip could possibly get together with Flying Blue.


Though points moved From the own tarot cards do not rely on the Companion Pass, Southwest is still an excellent transport partner. You merely need to take care when moving points to south-west because some times your value is going to soon be more maintained while employing the chase travel partners Portal in case you’ve got exactly the Sapphire Reserve

That is since the Sapphire Reserve gets 1.5 pennies per point . Whilst the flight cases below reveal that the value in pennies per point to Southwest flights is normally between 1.4 and 1.6 cents each purpose.

HOU into OAK (Oakland)

$404 round excursion

24,468 Rapid Gains + $11.20 at fees

$404 – $11.20 = 392.80

$392.80 / 24,468 = 1.6 pennies per point.

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HOU into MBJ (Jamaica)

$404.76 round Trip

17,500 Rapid Gains + $114.66 at fees

$404.76 – $114.66 = 290.10

$290.10 / 17,500 = 1.6 pennies per point.

HOU into MDW (Chicago)

$332.95 round Trip

21,584 Rapid Gains + $11.20 at fees

$332.95 – $11.20 = 321.75

$321.75  / 21,584 = 1.4 pennies per point

HOU into CUN (Cancun)

$459.70 round Trip

24,998 Rapid Rewards +$74.10 in charges

$459.70 – $74.10 = 385.60

$385.60 / 24,998 = 1.5 cents each point

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