Where Locations Universal Studios Cabana Bay?

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Universal Studios Cabana Bay – Reviews | The Cabana Bay Beach Resort is actually a retro, 50’s and 60’s themed hotel located directly next to Universal Studios. It’s really a brand new hotel, with terrific amenities such as huge pool spaces, a lazy river, a bowling alley, arcade, gymnasium, and its Starbucks.

Universal Studios Cabana Bay

This hotel is excellent for families searching for an even more affordable choice when touring in Orlando. So Here Is a listing of this Cabana Bay Beach Resort Reviews in Universal Studios Orlando Review.

Facilities In Cabana Bay Beach Resort?

There are a Lot of facilities in this hotel Even Though I Was unable to take to all of them. Every thing sounded really wellkept clean, clean, and inviting.

  • The resort lobby

The hotel reception is huge! Watch out for personality Looks, even as we watched Betty Boop there using a few of those occasions we are there. Right beside the reception is actually a gift shop where you could purchase everything from toiletries (no more free toothbrushes here) into Harry Potter t shirts and swimming trunks.

  • The fitness center

The gymnasium is quite pleasant and pretty big also. I discovered State of the art treadmills and a good deal of dumbells and curling pubs. If you are a fitness junkie, you mustn’t have some problems getting on your workouts or staying fit throughout your stay. The most useful part is the gymnasium remains open from 5 am to midnight.

  • Arcade and Bowling-alley

There is a arcade and a bowling alley at Cabana Bay Beach Resort, therefore if you are the type of traveler who locates themselves lounging round the hotel, searching for activities you can accomplish, then that hotel definitely has a few things to help keep you busy.

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  • Dining Places

The dining areas were very clean and kept up well. Still, The dining room is so huge and you may even venture out to eat if you desire. The dining room area is available from 7 am to 11 pm.

The 1 evening we ate lunch , the bacon cheeseburger Really hit the area, together with some sharp crinkly hamburgers. The purchase price of the food came on average to approximately $30 for just two different people, therefore $15 a person, that I really actually don’t believe is the fact that bad considering how expensive every thing in Universal Studios Cabana Bay/Disney is.

The Way To Service For Cabana Bay Beach Resort?

  • Rooms

We reserved a “standard room” for about $149/night. Additionally they provide Poolside suites and rooms for only a bit more, however we did not require a kitchenette or room for six people, since it had been only us. Considering the price tag, the rooms really are pretty adequate.

  • Hotel team

Every team member was pleasant to Manage out of The second of check plus so they checked us into your room at 9 am, that had been a lifesaver! Still another couple have checked in at precisely the exact same period, therefore that I believe you need to think about asking to get an early checkup when that is something which you believe you are going to want.

  • House Keeping

That really is my sole criticism together with all the hotel: that the House keeping. They entered our room before knocking two. And that I really don’t mean that they tapped on the door gently or perhaps knocked and entered no, there wasn’t any knocking, at all. It was a challenge because a time that I had been out of the shower, so it did not go over also. My advice to merely keep a watch out for your own housekeeping.

  • Room Support

Room service was quickly Both days we used it to purchase a pizza. Their favorites out of Delizioso are now extremely excellent, too. Nice and pleasant. We purchased one for about $13 plus it was perfect to meet up us and render us just a little left . They have bread sticks and slopes to dictate, too, but only stuck with all the pizza. It’s possible to look at the menu .

The Place where a Location Universal Studios Cabana Bay?

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Cabana Bay Beach Resort Map is situated directly Nextdoor to both Universal Studio Parks in Orlando. It’s shuttles than just run into the playground and also induce one to the entry over approximately 5 to ten minutes. The image below shows just how close Cabana Bay Map could be your top-left hotel on the corner and Islands of Adventure would be only to the best.

Busses start running 7 am and leave about every 1-5 Moments (try to find the teal busses). In case you were not conscious, should you remain At this resort (or every Universal Resort), you are given historical usage of Universal Studios, therefore that you may go into the park one hour . If you are Considering visiting the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, it is essential within my own opinion.

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