Arts and Attractions

Islamorada, FL, History of Diving Museum, Ebyabe, CC 3.0

Islamorada, FL, History of Diving Museum, Ebyabe, CC 3.0

Islamorada Arts and Attractions

Anne’s Beach and Islamorada in general has a host of excellent art and historical activities for people to engage with. There are many destinations that are sure to entertain you. For example, make sure to check out the History of Diving Museum on Islamorada, near Anne’s Beach. Here, you can learn about diving equipment, early diving, as well as diving in Florida and elsewhere.

Also, make sure to head to the Theatre of the Sea in Islamorada, Florida. The “Theater of the Sea, established in 1946, is a marine mammal park located in the Village of IslamoradaFlorida, United States. It is a tourist attraction located on Windley Key in the Florida Keys. Visitors can swim with Atlantic bottlenose dolphinsCalifornia sea lions, and Sting Rays, or watch shows where they perform. In which dolphins swim in and jump through a hoop and ring a bell. The 17-acre (6.9 ha) site also has exotic birds, lizards, crocodilians, sea turtles, tropical, game fish, sharks, and other forms of marine life. Short cruises and bottomless boat rides are also conducted.” IN addition, “The park also engages in ecological conservation programs, including the first artificial flipper transplant on a sea turtle.” (Wikipedia, Theatre of the Sea).

In addition, Islamorada and the area around Anne’s Beach has a very vibrant art community. One place in Islamorada for those who are looking to be inspired, to meet artists, or to buy some original pieces is the Rain Barrel Artisan Village. “Founded more than 20 years ago, this artist village is home to the studios and galleries of many artists. Although there are only 10 resident artists, more than 100 artists are represented here. Not only are their works on displayed, visitors get a first-hand look at exactly how art is created. These are working studios. See pottery, jewelry, stained glass and more being designed right before your eyes. In the a maze of little shops, you’ll find specialty foods such as mango ketchup and lime marinade, artists working in their studios, a sculpture gallery, tropical gardens, and a vegetarian cafe. You can’t miss the rows of colorful fish-shaped mailboxes as you enter the village. Located at Mile Marker 86.7, in Islamorada, the village is open 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. every day and is home to the Islamorada Rain Barrel Art Show usually held in March.” (Rain Barrel Village).

The Rain Barrel Village has listed a number of artistic studios and shops in Islamorada, which include the:

Rain Barrel Sculpture Gallery

Jefferson Clay Creations

Dan Lawler Art Gallery

Hibiscus Gallery

Pippin Wickers and Silks

Joan Purcell Gallery

John David Hawver Gallery

Stained Glass of the Florida Keys

Spectrum Studio of Glass Design

Village Pottery

Garden Cafe

In addition to the Rain Barrel Village, there are many other art programs and organizations throughout Islamorada. For example, another place to check out is the Morada Way Arts & Culture District. According to the Morada Way Arts & Culture District, it “exists for the creation of a community inspired by sustainable and thriving arts and cultural offerings.” They also say that

“The Impact of cultural programs, classes, workshops, exhibitions, and learning opportunities for people of all ages and abilities will encourage collaboration within the community while promoting an environment of support and a sense of place; bring together our local government, businesses and the creative community to fulfill the cultural and economic potential that an Art District offers; provide our residents and visitors with quality educational programs which showcase the talents of the creative community and celebrate the unique culture of the Upper Keys; provide the resources necessary to mentor and develop local emerging artists; develop student’s interests in the arts and provide opportunities within the district to express those interests.”

Thus, it is evident that by heading to Anne’s Beach and Islamorada, there are no shortage of activities. Head to Islamorada and Anne’s Beach, and as you are resting from the beach, check out the wonderful entertainment venues!