Things to Do in Islamorada

Things to Do in Islamorada, Florida

Anne’s Beach and the nearby vicinity in Islamorada, Florida have a host of fun activities for a person, a couple, or a family! When you want to step away from the beach and go exploring for many other fun activities, Islamorada is the place to do it. There are so many great possibilities at Islamorada, right near Anne’s Beach in the Florida Keys. We have listed some fun activities that one can partake in at Anne’s Beach, or in Islamorada.

Bike Riding

Come take an evening ride with bikes from Islander Watersports. Here, one can renting bicycles, and go on a long adventure, or short cruise throughout town. This is a great family activity, and an excellent way to sight-see at your own pace.


According to, “Kiteboarding is the ultimate fusion of wakeboarding, windsurfing, snowboarding, skateboarding and kite flying. Using specially designed power kites (controllable kites that pull & lift); kiteboarding pilots propel their boards across land & water catching extreme air! By simply maneuvering their kite, experienced riders are jumping 20 to 40 feet while performing amazing aerials as they glide back down.”

For those interested in this fast-paced water activity, according to, “…Anne’s Beach is one of the top spots to ride in the Keys. Since the islands curve to the west the farther south they get, Anne’s requires a solid east wind for the cleanest conditions, and is rideable all the way around to a southwest.”