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Welcome to Anne’s Beach


Welcome to the beautiful Anne’s Beach in Islamorada, Florida! Anne’s Beach is located in the Florida Keys, and is an excellent destination for a fun-filled vacation, or a place to unwind and relax! “Anne’s Beach is located at Lower Matecumbe KeyFlorida. The Islamorada Beach is dedicated to local environmentalist Anne Eaton. There are 2 parking lots approximately 1/4 mile apart on US-1 at MM 73. Anne’s Beach features a shallow swimming area, covered picnic tables, boardwalk and bathroom facilities. This Keys Beach is located on the Atlantic Ocean, but there is almost no wave action, due to the wide expanse of shallow water typical for Florida Keys beaches. Visitors can enjoy the clear and warm waters year round. Typical of Anne’s Beach is the shallow and warm to very warm waters all year around that one can stay in for hours enjoying the sun” (Wikipedia, Anne’s Beach).

Anne’s Beach has been mentioned by many as a top beach. For example, here are just some of the glowing references to Anne’s Beach in Islamorada, Florida. Below are the positive comments that other publications have said about Anne’s Beach in Islamorada, Florida.

Best Florida Key Beaches. According to, Anne’s Beach was listed on their page of the Best Florida Keys Beaches. Speaking of Anne’s Beach, they said: “Anne’s Beach at MM 73.4 is a lovely, sandy beach, shallow for a long ways out. The shore is lined with mangroves, through which a boardwalk, with periodic picnic tables, weaves. Anne’s Beach has two small parking lots. It’s free and very popular. If you can get a space, Anne’s Beach makes a nice short stop in a Florida Keys roadtrip. Keep an eye on the sea life underfoot. This is the only place I’ve ever had to be careful to avoid stepping on an octopus — a small, nonthreatening and adorable creature.”

The Most Beautiful Beaches in the Florida Keys. According to the website, Anne’s Beach in Islamorada, Florida was listed as one of the most beautiful beaches in the Florida Keys. They spoke highly of Anne’s Beach, listing it under “Pristine Seclusion,” and saying that Anne’s Beach “offers serene beauty amidst an unspoiled expanse of white sand and mangroves.”

The Best Hidden Beaches of South Florida. Willy Volk of Lonely Planet has listed Anne’s Beach in an article on The Best Hidden Beaches of South Florida. Speaking about Anne’s Beach in Islamorada, Volk writes: “While the Florida Keys offer plenty of gentle waves and wild nights, they lack a plethora of public sand beaches. Never fear: approximately halfway between Key Largo and Key West, tucked discretely under an overpass, is one of the few public beaches in the Keys. Named after local environmentalist Anne Eaton, Anne’s Beach — on Route 1 at Mile Marker 73 — has two (tiny, but free) parking lots, a shallow swimming area, covered picnic tables and basic bathroom facilities. Best of all: this pet-friendly beach gives drivers the chance to let their pups stretch their legs along the scenic but occasionally frustrating drive from Miami to Key West.”

Top 10 Beaches in the Florida Keys. named Anne’s Beach on their list of Top 10 Beaches in the Florida Keys, listing Anne’s Beach as number 2! According tot he article, they said to “Make your way to Lower Matecumbe Key for an afternoon at Anne’s Beach, which is named after local environmentalist Anne Eaton. Guests can enjoy a gorgeous sunset on the pristine sand flat or take a water adventure like windsurfing or snorkeling. A highlight of this locale is the boardwalk: It’s an elevated, wooden path that takes you through a half-mile of natural wetlands.”

Best Beaches in the Keys. lists Anne’s Beach as one of the Best Beaches in the Keys, saying that “Anne’s Beach is another one of the best beaches in the Keys. The swimming area is shallow at Anne’s Beach, and there are virtually no waves, making it the perfect spot for young children. You can bring a picnic and eat in the covered picnic area or take a walk on the boardwalk. Anne’s Beach is located in Islamorada on the Atlantic Ocean, so you can enjoy warm waters most days of the year.”

Anne’s Beach: “A Stretch of Paradise”. According to the Florida-Keys-Guide, Anne’s Beach was described as “A Stretch of Paradise.” They also had other great things to say about Anne’s Beach. Namely, “This is an excellent little beach next to the Overseas Highway. Located on Lower Matecumbe Key at MM 73.8 Oceanside. Catch this beautiful beach at low tide if possible! There is a boardwalk that meanders through the mangroves from one parking area to the other. Along the boardwalk there are 5 sheltered picnic areas where you can have lunch while watching the ocean! The view from these picnic shelters is worth the trip alone.There are many access points from the boardwalk to the beach.”

In addition, also says that “Anne’s is a great place to sunbath, relax with a book, wade the shallows, or take a nap. Be sure to bring a friend along to roll you over when the first side is done. Although weekends at Anne’s draw a pretty good crowd, it seems like you can always find your own little piece of paradise. It is a popular beach for locals, day-trippers and vacationers. Be sure to bring your beach kit. Beach towels or mats, sunglasses, hat, sunscreen, lunch, plenty of water, and, your camera!” Lastly, they make it a point to say: “Be sure to schedule Anne’s as a must see destination while in the “Keys.”

“”. The website, when describing Anne’s Beach, points out that “you can enjoy the clear and warm waters year ’round.” This is a great description for Anne’s Beach, and it supports the idea that one can try to find a time around their own schedule, whether winter, spring, fall, or summer, to visit Anne’s Beach.

Anne’s Beach listed on Top Key Largo Beaches. put together a webpage on the Top Key Largo Beaches. And in the their “Other Small Beaches in the Area” section, they mentioned Anne’s Beach.

“Find the Best Beaches in Islamorada” says that “Anne’s Beach is probably the most famous of the Islamorada beaches…”.

Top 10 Dog Beaches in Florida by Anne’s Beach was listed on, a website dedicated to locations and events for families with dogs. Speaking about Anne’s Beach, says: “Anne’s Beach is a very secluded dog beach with plenty of shade. There are poop bags and even a fresh water bowl for dogs available. There’s even a good deli just north of the beach if you want to have a picnic at the beach.” Furthermore, Anne’s Beach was also listed by the company as the Top 10 Dog Beaches in Florida!

Additional Comments about Anne’s Beach. has a page on beaches and the Florida Keys. It says that Anne’s Beach is a “Great little beach where you can stroll the boardwalk, swim and lounge.”

Best Key West Beaches. Mwengo also lists Anne’s Beach as one of the best Key West Beaches.

Benna Crawford, writing a USA Today article entitled Beaches at Islamorada, Florida, says of Anne’s Beach: It’s an easy place for relaxing in the shallows or letting the kids run around, and good for snorkeling over the sea grasses, too. The water is clean and there are plenty of small sea critters to see. Anne’s Beach is also pet-friendly with leashes and clean-up required, and has restrooms at the north end of the boardwalk.”

With so many high praise for Anne’s Beach, it is no wonder that so many make the trip to Islamorada and Anne’s Beach every year! For more information about activities, dining, or hotels, feel free to navigate throughout the site, and read all that we have to offer regarding Anne’s Beach.